My latest article for Shut Up and Yoga is now live! You can check out my article, Modern Yoga: Rethinking Outdated Cues here! "Yoga teachers and practitioners know that great alignment cues can make all the difference in our practice. Unfortunately, some common cues undermine the body’s natural intelligence by interfering with the brain’s natural ability … Continue reading MODERN YOGA: RETHINKING OUTDATED CUES

KMY’s Recommended Reading of 2018

1) Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body — Daniel Goleman & Richard Davidson My first recommendation is very fitting for a suggested reading list on an evidence-informed yoga blog — Altered Traits dissects the scientific research looking into the benefits of meditation. What I appreciated most about this book … Continue reading KMY’s Recommended Reading of 2018

Posterior Pelvic Tilt Part 1: The Tail-Tuck Cue

Throughout my yoga journey, I have come to realize that certain movement cues are plagued with polarity. Take squaring your hips (e.g., Warrior 1; Janu Sirsasana, pyramid) or contracting your glutes (e.g., upward facing dog, bridge). And while I have become accustomed to understanding which cues work in my body and which cues I can … Continue reading Posterior Pelvic Tilt Part 1: The Tail-Tuck Cue