Yoga’s Missing Nutrients

I am excited to announce the publication of my latest article, Yoga’s Missing Nutrients on the new online yoga magazine Shut Up and Yoga. I feel honoured to have been asked to contribute an article to this magazine and hope I can continue to write for them in the future!

In this article I take a look at:

-Why yoga fails to integrate PULLING and why you need to befriend a pull-up bar 💪

– Why GRIP STRENGTH is imperative during functional movement (your handstand will progress as well!)🖐🤸‍♀️

– The POSTERIOR CHAIN imbalance and why we should stop cheating our way into back-body strengthening poses ⛔️

– Why strengthening your HAMSTRINGS is so difficult in traditional asanas and how you can quickly test if your hamstrings are scared of tension 😱

– 10 functional movement exercises to develop the missing movement nutrients 

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. And don’t forget to check out the other articles on Shut Up and Yoga!


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